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Dee Jay as he appears in Turbo HD Remix.

Dee Jay (ディージェイ) is a character in the Street Fighter series.

Dee Jay is the only character in the series to be designed by Capcom USA. He was designed by James Goddard, who modeled Dee Jay after martial arts film star and Tae Bo creator, Billy Blanks. Dee Jay's braided mohawk also resembles Blanks's role as Khan in The King of the Kickboxers.

Appearance Edit

Dee Jay's cheerfulness has him smiling constantly and he has a thumbs-up gesture. He wears orange loose drawstring pants with yellowish-white lettering that reads "MAXIMUM" and orange sparring gloves. His hairstyle is a braided mohawk with a letter "M" on each side of his head which stands for "MAXIMUM." Dee Jay is also seen in the anime movie and some art to be wearing a Caribbean chain necklace.

Dee Jay's pants originally said "MANTIS" but since his right sprite is merely a mirror image of his left, the "N" and "S" would be reversed, so it was changed to "MAXIMUM."

Story Edit

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Known as "The Southern Comet", Dee Jay is a cheerful kickboxer who fights to musical rhythm. Quickly rising to the top of his division, he travels the world looking for new challenges. In his in game storyline, he anonymously challenges and defeats Adon, another kickboxer in the rival Muay Thai style, with Adon vowing revenge. He eventually finds his true goal: Sagat, the "emperor" of Muay Thai. Sagat, now fallen from grace and an enforcer for M. Bison, does not take the cheerful Jamaican seriously. Countering by declaring that in this fight he "means business", Dee Jay challenges Sagat and defeats the former champion, further adding to Sagat's depressed losing streak. Sagat's employer Bison takes an interest in Dee Jay at this point, offering him a position in Shadaloo. Dee Jay refuses, and when Bison deals with the rejection by trying to kill him, Dee Jay staves Bison off and leaves, unable to truly defeat the dictator while the Psycho Drive is operational. Dee Jay returns to Jamaica and, inspired by his battles, hums a new tune as he walks down the street. This catches the ear of a record producer, who immediately offers Dee Jay a record deal.[2] As with all other SFA3 character storylines, the extent to which this story is canon is unknown.

Super Street Fighter II Edit

Now a major music sensation, Dee Jay enters the second World Warrior tournament to find some new rhythm for his next album. Though how far he gets in the tournament is unknown, he finds the rhythm he seeks and his new record is a smash hit.

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Feeling restless, he takes a break from his music to test his fighting skill by participating in S.I.N.'s Tournament. Soon, footage of him fighting one of the Seth dolls is broadcasted around the world.

In Other Media Edit

Dee Jay (like many other characters) made a small guest-appearance in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Here he beats up a few punks causing trouble at a nightclub before being warned by Guile and Chun-Li that he is being spied on by Bison.

In the 1994 live movie he was portrayed by Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Here he is one of the minions of M. Bison and appears to have an aptitude for working with computers (at one point near the ending he utters to himself "Oh, mon! I should have stayed at Microsoft"). Though competent he is portrayed as cowardly as he abandons Bison as he is giving a speech about accepting defeat.

Dee Jay is often paired up with Zangief on-screen, but their interactions usually involve Zangief saying something uninformed and/or stupid and Dee Jay shooting Zangief a disgusted glare. Later, he and Sagat escape from Bison's base via a waterway located beneath the temple-base along with a case full of cash. To their disappointment they find the case is really full of worthless Bison Dollars, the currency which Bison intended to establish as part of his new nation earlier in the film.